Tuesday, September 21, 2010

ACL Spotlight: Deadmau5

Wearing an oversized, occasionally gem-encrusted mouse head that shoots lasers out of its eyes is bound to get peoples attention. Doing it while creating some of the most innovative, mind-blowing electronic music ever heard will make you a superstar. Such has been the case for Joel Zimmerman, aka Deadmau5 (pronounced "dead mouse"), the Toronto-born producer who has taken the electronic music world by storm over the past two years.

Not only an in-demand producer that has worked with a veritable "Who's Who" in the industry, the 28-year-old artist has also staked his claim as one of the most popular live performers in electronic music today. And we're not using the word "live" loosely. Unlike most traditional DJs, Deadmau5 pushes the envelope of dance music performances by focusing on his own material and assembling tracks on the fly.

Using cutting edge technology and forward-thinking software that he's helped develop, Deadmau5 is able to fully recreate his productions in the live environment. While the music is typically labeled progressive house, his innovative style seamlessly incorporates throbbing techno, blissed-out trance and melodic electro. Check out his track “Orca”, below…

Deadmau5 - Orca

Not to be overlooked is his trademark mouse-head-helmet, which comes complete with powerful strobe light eyes that fire green lasers during his dazzling performances. The story behind the name Deadmau5 is a simple one, as it originated when a mouse crawled into his computer and died. This has led to considerable brand recognition however, including an in-game character in Activision’s DJ Hero 2. The game also includes the hit Deadmau5 song "Ghosts ‘n Stuff", which reached #1 on Billboard's dance music charts In May of 2010.

With world-class production skills and a one-of-a-kind live show, it’s safe to say that Deadmau5 has made a home for himself in the upper echelon of today’s electronic music scene. He’s already been nominated for a Grammy, voted #1 DJ in the world by BeatPort, and was just announced as the house artist for MTV’s Video Music Awards. His headlining sets at Coachella and The Electric Daisy Music Festival were reportedly show-stoppers, so don't miss your chance to witness Deadmau5 for yourself when he plays the Austin City Limits Music Festival on Saturday, October 9th.