Thursday, September 09, 2010

The Moon Is Shining Too

Sunset has just released their 5th album, Loveshines But the Moon is Shining Too via Austin’s own Autobus Records. The man behind the curtain is Bill Baird, whose approach to songwriting leads to an always-evolving sound, one constantly reaching for its true shape yet never settling in one form. Aquarium Drunkard has a nice feature on where Bill talks at length about that very subject.

In the three years Sunset has been a band, there have been five full-length albums, multiple limited edition tour releases, a seven inch, and a number of Bill Baird solo albums. My favorite so far was last year's Gold Dissovles to Gray, which ranked high on my end-of-year list. Loveshines But the Moon is Shining Too is another gem of an album, especially after you spend some time with it. Here's two tracks to spend some time with, along with the video for "Loveshines II."

For further reading, hit up Autobus Records, Bandcamp, Facebook, and There's also a funny story right here about the crew killing some time in Cleveland while their tour van broke down in Boston for a week.