Thursday, September 30, 2010

Ty Segall vs Mohawk

The San Francisco kid, Ty Segall, puts on one of the rootinest, tootinest live shows of any of the popular names in garage rock today. I've managed to catch him a handful of times, and even invited him to come down and play at our last big SXSW day party. Without fail, the shows are always a lot like that scene from Road House, where people are chucking beer bottles, kicking up their heels and getting all rowdy.

Matter of fact, the last time I saw him perform and Austin I got sprayed with beer, elbowed in the head, and at the end of the show some dude tried to steal his guitar and run out of the venue, with fans chasing him down. Its high-octane rock 'n roll, and not for the faint of heart. Its also a lot of fun. Put on your dancing shoes and find out for yourself when Ty Segall plays at the Mohawk tomorrow night.

The Golden Boys and Pure Ecstasy will get things started, making this show a home run. Plus, its only eight bucks. Here's a cut from Ty Segall's latest, Melted:
"Bay area proto-punk whirlwind Ty Segall seems to simply exude the energy that youth culture has feasted upon over the past fifty years to create garage rock. This energy manifests itself from an ethos that affirms the unanswerable existential questions of the modern youth with a resounding "YES," heavily adorned in blazingly un-tethered rock." -American Songwriter

"When shit clicks, it's comforting. And so it is with Ty Segall, Bay Area lo-fi prince and another perfectly cut jewel in/for the Goner Records crown... Like the late Jay Reatard, Segall has a way of using 60s garage rock tropes as fuses rather than crutches: no matter the level of hiss, every hook and melody sounds as though it lives, breathes and detonates right as you listen." - The Tripwire