Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Play It Strange

In The Red Records will release the third album from San Francisco psych-pop outfit the Fresh & Onlys on October 12. Play It Strange was recorded outside the band's home-side recording space, at San Francisco's Louder Studios, with Comets on Fire and Fucking Champs producer Tim Green. The Fresh & Onlys will be in Austin on October 27 for a show at Emo's.
"For those unfamiliar with The Fresh and Onlys, their sound draws from jangly psychedelia, Morricone-style Western twang, dark vibes a la Bad Seeds / Gun Club, melodic '60s sunshine pop and a hint of garage rock swagger. While this disparate list may look strange on paper, it makes perfect sense when you hear it. Play It Strange is the sound of a band that has ingested a wide range of rock 'n' roll influences from nearly every genre and sub-genre to come up with something fresh and immensely enjoyable."