Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Hex Dispensers

The Hex dispensers must have put a spell on me, because I haven't been able to free myself from the grips of their latest album, Winchester Mystery House. The album was released last year on Douchmaster Records, with the late Jay Reatard handling mastering duties. On each and every track, the Austin-based Hex Dispensers bust out high-energy garage punk jams that stick in your ears like a parasite. It's hard to defend against the infectious qualities of songs like "I’ve Got My Doppelgänger On," which attacks your nervous systen with an irresistible vocal hook and three chord pop mastery.
They just unleashed this music video for "My Love is a Bat," written and directed by Jon and shot on 16mm film:

Apparently I am quite late to the party, because after looking around I see that a whole bunch of people have been saying a whole bunch of good things about this album and about this band. Check out some of the reviews right here.

The Hex Dispensers will be playing at Beerland this Saturday in benefit to the Health Alliance For Austin Musicians, so you can do good and have your face rocked at the same time. Plus they will be supported by the Shitty Beach boys, who I am oddly compelled to see.