Thursday, December 02, 2010

Hexadecagon Returns!

I am writing this from my deathbed. Well, not really, but I have been fully incapacitated all week long, which means I will probably miss the Octopus Project performing Hexadecagon. Again. But that just means there will be more room for you, right? The show is tomorrow night at the East Side Drive-In, which is also hosting Big Boi of Outkast on Saturday night. Here are some details:

This Friday, December 3rd at Eastside Drive-In, The Octopus Project will be performing their newest experiment and album "Hexadecagon." Inspired by Terry Riley and Steve Reich, they found the equipment they wanted to use didn't exist, so they built it. Using custom electronics and pushing existing software, they wrote songs for an 8-channel surround sound system and shot video footage with Austin digital artist Wiley Wiggins.

They debuted Hexadecagon at SXSW this year, arranging 8 speakers in a circle around the audience with the band at the center, accompanied by 8 synchronized video projections. It required an 8-channel audio and 8-channel video system (hence the name "Hexadecagon," a 16-sided a/v panorama). Paste Magazine said of the show, "if there's a such thing as a happiness seizure, be prepared to have one," and USA Today ranked the performance one of its top five shows of SXSW.

Here's some footage: