Sunday, December 12, 2010

Hungry Hearted's Top 10 of 2010

Hungry Hearted writes for Covert Curiosity

There were many enjoyable releases that delighted my senses in 2010 & narrowing down a mere ten favorites has been hard, but the following held strong in my go-to rotation throughout the year. So here we go, complete with links to A/V supplements, as per usual.

1. Twin Sister, Color Your Life — like a spring fling that unexpectedly lingered through fall, I’m completely smitten by their sophomore EP. Breathy vocals & soft, shuffling beats. I’m way into it.

2. The Black Keys, Brothers what else can I say? Dan & Pat have an amazing, minimalistic chemistry built on gritty rock n’ roll. Sure they invited a couple other dudes along for the ride this time around, but the dynamic duo remain the focus while consistently keeping things raw & bluesy. Simply put, it’s soulful & sexy.

3. Beach House, Teen Dreamlofty vocals & soothing melodies. I’m pretty sure the comforts conjured by this album are the equivalent to having an actual beach house. Sweet escapism.

4. The Morning Benders, Big Echo — this album really won me over through the year. Eventually, I fell hard & I remain completely captivated by the large orchestrations & full harmonies.

5. Dum Dum Girls, I Will Be — These broads are all about quick, throwback hits. They deliver with sassy style & sultry, layered sing-a-longs. Their “blissed out buzz saw” strikes an irresistible chord of nostalgia.

6. Sleigh Bells, Treats — this duo produce hard-hitting, energy-packed tracks that combine elements of ferocity & femininity. This album may be the perfect pick me up; the musical equivalent to a strong cup of coffee.

7. Yeasayer, Odd Blood — Weird & wonderful. Completely unique & somewhat overwhelming, but shit, sometimes you just need to get your mind blown.

8. Local Natives, Gorilla Manor — I’ve always been a sucker for bros killin’ it with sweet harmonies. Their structure is simplistic & solid.

9. Magic Man, Real Life Color — I’m still fascinated by this debut production. Their music is intimate & endearing, with a gentle quality I can’t deny.

10. Arcade Fire, Suburbs — this is an amazing concept album that just can’t be ignored. They’ve created songs that are huge, yet accessible, with content that taps into the human condition. Don’t get me started.

* * *

…and honorable mentions, because fifteen is easier than ten —

Tom Caruana - Enter The Mystical Chamber, Adam Haworth Stephens - We Live On Cliffs, White Denim - Last Day of Summer, Tallest Man on Earth - The Wild Hunt, & LCD Soundsystem - This Is Happening