Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Monahans 2010 Recordings

Austin's own Monahans just released the final installment in their monthly recording series titled "2010 Recordings." The tenth and final song is called "Seabirds", and includes vocals by Sinead O'Connor.
About the song:
Drummer Roberto Sanchez and his family took a trip to Ireland earlier this year, and he was inspired by the landscape enough to write a beautiful sketch of what was to become "Seabirds". Upon returning to Austin, the band layered upon Rob's sketch in the studio and then added lyrics. It became clear that the one thing missing was a voice. Sinead O'Connor's voice to be exact. One thing lead to another, and the song found it's way back to Ireland, where Sinead graciously contributed her vocals to the song, and the vision of the original sketch was complete.
The "2010 Recordings" are FREE downloads until December 31st, but may be released as a collection for purchase in various formats at a later date. The current Monahans lineup includes Ramble Creek studio engineer/producer Britton Beisenherz, Roberto Sanchez and Greg Vanderpool (both former Milton Mapes members), and longtime Spoon bassist Joshua Zarbo.