Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Mind Spiders

Mark Ryan (of the Denton punks Marked Men) has a new project that goes by the name of Mind Spiders. In 2010 in a he released an extremely well received 7" under this name on Dirtnap Records, and will soon follow that up with a Mind Spiders debut full-length album. Mark plays most of the instruments himself, and is backed in a live setting by a fluid lineup of musicians that includes members of Bad Sports, High Tension Wires, Uptown Bums, and Marked Men.

The self-titled album reminds me of the late Jay Reatard at times, but it does reflect a much wider range of influences, with a little 60's pop here, a little lo-fi there, and a little weirdo-in-his-bedroom-with-a-4-track in other places. Highly addictive stuff.
This continues a fruitful collaboration between Portland's Dirtnap Records and bands from the great state of Texas. February will see the release of the 3rd LP from longtime Marked Men/Reds/Riverboat Gamblers side project The High Tension Wires. March will see the Dirtnap debut from Denton/Austin's The Bad Sports, 2/3rds of whom also play in both The High Tension Wires and the live version of The Mind Spiders. Houston's Something Fierce just wrapped up recording a monster of a 3rd LP, which they will be releasing in April. All of these bands and more will be playing Dirtnap Records' SXSW Showcase in March.