Friday, January 28, 2011

Monotonix at Mohawk: Show Preview

If you don’t know by now, Monotonix are an energetic, raucous and wildly unconventional 3-piece rock outfit from Tel-Aviv, Israel. After hearing wild stories of encounters and performances, I made sure to catch them at last year’s Fx3 Fest where they performed at the Yellow Stage, kind of. Lead singer Ami Shalev left the stage to surf around the crowd while growling into the mic, and guitarist Yonatan Gat followed suit while Ran Shimoni stayed somewhat stationary on drums amidst the crowd. Of course this effected the sound production and what I witnessed at their quick set was mostly an absurdly chaotic glimpse into their maniacal style, which has gotten them banned from countless venues.

The other night a friend of mine drunkenly recounted her first Monotonix experience, and it went like this: "I was at a show and climbed a tree. I was just perched up there watching and the singer nakedly climbed up towards me and sang to me. In the tree. Ever since then I'll never miss a show. It's just insane. So much fun!"

Nakedly singing to a girl in a tree. True story. That being said, anything is possible. So if you’re looking for a wild night, be sure to catch the unpredictable experience that is Monotonix tomorrow night at Mohawk. Local favorites, The Strange Boys open.