Tuesday, January 25, 2011

New Joan As Police Woman

Joan As Police Woman is Joan Wasser. A musician since she picked up a violin in the third grade, Joan began playing professionally immediately upon escape from her parents house. After the death of her boyfriend Jeff Buckley, she began to sing and write songs with some of Jeff's band mates in a project called Black Beetle.

Since assuming her current moniker in 2002 - a reference to the 70's cop show, Joan has toured and collaborated with legendary musicians including Rufus Wainwright and Antony and the Johnsons. She has toured extensively throughout Europe and the United States and has received extraordinary critical acclaim for her three studio albums Real Life (2006), To Survive (2008) and a compilation of covers aptly titled Cover (2009).

She continues to tour the world and wow audiences with her unique blend of open and outspoken irreverent in-between song banter, launching in to an intimate love song that leaves the crowd in tears. She has made her most brilliant and revealing record yet, The Deep Field, which dropped today. Here is the opening track and video for "The Magic."


One Red Martian said...

Really like this song, the production just feels so warm and funky.

Larissa said...

Joan as Police Woman's "The Magic" is my Swell Tune today:
Sounds like Stevie Wonder circa 1973 is back. And he's a white lady.