Thursday, January 13, 2011

Not In The Face!

While running around at Free Week I kept asking people what's the best thing they had seen, and more than one person mentioned Not In The Face. The songs posted on their Facebook page sounded good, so I dug a bit deeper and ended up getting my hands on their album 'Bikini' courtesy of the holmes at Sonic Itch Music. And now I'm passing the savings on to you.

Not In The Face! is a two-piece that consists of Jonathan Terrell and drummer Wes Cargal, and together they churn out versatile blues-roots-punk rock with plenty of muscle. Longview born songwriter and Jonathan Terrell already has a couple of solo albums to his credit, but if crunchy guitar jams like "Friends With My Girlfriend" and "Brass Tacks" are any indication, Not In The Face! may be his outlet to kick a little more ass than usual. Here is a preview from their CD release show:
East Texas boys with country-fried roots show that they know how to rock, get dirty, and spin a good yarn with their cleverly titled first release Bikini. Jonathan Terrell has been delighting the Austin live music scene going on four years now in different arrangements as both a solo acoustic country-blues artist, but it was not until he partnered up with drummer Wes Cargal (White Rhino, Ryan and the Relics) and formed the versatile punk-rock-blues-a-billy two-piece Not in the Face that they began electrifying Austin audiences with infectious high energy live performances.

Jonathan’s country roots and influences still lurk just below the surface in some of his Not in the Face lyrics; he tells cautionary and love-lorn tales set to rock rhythm and blues like imagined scenes from films yet to be made. Yet it’s the versatility of musical stylings that really comes through on the album: some tracks will have you moving and shaking, other tracks will have you slow dancing with your steady, and on other tracks you’ll find yourself having hot and dirty anonymous sex in a public bathroom.


CarafromtheView said...

So, this is a great write up! And I LOVE that video! It makes me laugh so hard I have to pee bascially... But what everyone else should know is that Jonathan is a super great guy FOR REAL. Why not give your money to A GREAT GUY, instead of a douchebag....just saying folks.