Friday, February 04, 2011

Abe Vigoda & Wild Nothing [Show Preview]

Abe Vigoda will hit the stage at Red 7 tonight on their first tour since last year’s release of Crush. With their 2006 debut, the Los Angeles quartet defined their style as "tropical punk", which is reflected in early efforts like "Skeleton." Their sophomore album is much more complex and demonstrates experimental growth. In particular the song "Throwing Shade", which reflects their evolution towards a synth-heavy production based around dramatic instrumentation, highly reminiscent of 80s new wave.

Wild Nothing follow suit with a more light-hearted sound full of dazzling, dreamy dance numbers. Their sentimental sounds are full of sunny, drifting beats layered with fuzzy vocals drenched in heartache. These Georgia natives seemingly came out of nowhere and have been stirring up a buzz with their new album Gemini.

Wild Nothing - "Chinatown"

Red 7 will be awash in new wave nostalgia this evening. Don’t fight it, let the haunting synthed-out sounds guide you towards the warm dance floor. It may be freezing outside, so it's probably a good time to break out those legwarmers and show off your moves. Local talents SuperLiteBike and Bali Yaaah guarantee to set the mood.

Bali Yaaah - "Shoot It"


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a super show to me!