Monday, February 07, 2011

Video: Night Beats

The Night Beats are a Seattle-based psychedelic garage rock trio who took me by surprise with a great set at Austin Psych Fest last year. Two of the band's three members are originally from Texas, and their sound is definitely influenced by local psych legends such as the 13th Floor Elevators and Golden Dawn. The band has a 4 song EP available via Trouble In Mind, and I hear an LP is in the works for release this summer. They also have a split release scheduled for March with The UFO Club, a collaboration of Night Beats guitarist/vocalist Lee Blackwell and Christian Bland of The Black Angels. Night Beats will make a return trip to Austin next month, and will be appearing at Austin Psych Fest 4 in April.


ooowvinyl said...

Good rec. Found their EP last night at Waterloo. Good stuff.

Virtual Sound said...

I just saw them at the Vera Project in Seattle, I blogged about it here: and included some shaky video.