Friday, March 11, 2011

Zeale Doin' Work

Hot off the press from Austin Music Weekly, here's some video of Zeale rocking the Do512 Lounge.
Hands down, Zeale is one of the top hip-hop talents in town. This young man blasted into the national freestyle rap scene as a finalist in Ohio’s Scribblejam - the same one that gave Eminem his first break - and since then has obliterated artists in competitions such as the 2007 World Rap Championship in New York and 2010 Redbull "Emsee." His dynamic lyrics are accompanied by a powerful combination of hip-hop, rock, dance, and electronic sounds.  

Zeale’s previous performances consist of SXSW including the Rolling Stone Showcase, Fun Fun Fun Fest 2008, ACL Festival 2009 as a guest performer, and the Miami Music Festival 2010. He has shared the stage with notable hip-hop artists including Talib Kweli, KRS One, NAS, and Lil Wayne.

The Island (Mario Kart Edition) by ZEALE