Monday, April 04, 2011

Edward Appleby

Online crushes are always a joy, and Edward Appleby is the most recent “apple” of my eye. I fell head over heels with his well-produced videos, musical ability, and beautiful persona. Originality is unavoidable for an orchestral pop composer and artist in Mobile, Alabama, and Appleby exemplifies this in his freshman EP. He takes pages from several books including that of Connor Oberst, Ben Gibbard, and Zach Condon, but produces a truly unique sound. Appleby’s voice would be somewhat of an acquired taste if not for its concentrated lovability. Fully equipped with adult-braces, thick-rimmed glasses, and what looks like a Gap scarf, the honesty in Appleby’s tone is endearing rather than whiney; charm, intimacy and truth coat the album in bittersweet syrup.
via Edward Appleby:

"Edward Appleby's Self-Titled EP is, in as few words, a short collection of music and songs meditating on the themes of self-awareness and introspective identification. The EP begins tentatively, the tension of the coiled cadences in “Introduction” begin to slowly unravel into an outpouring emotional ascendance. A journey rife with self-fulfilling prophecies and other pitfalls of ego-naut, the EP culminates in the haunting and cathartic “Yester Dénouement,” whereby Edward finally finds peace; just man and guitar. Has he found himself? Probably not, but at least the wolves have stopped howling."

Eden by Edward Appleby

- April Kaplowitz