Tuesday, April 26, 2011

King Tuff

Somewhere between Thin Lizzy and T. Rex sits King Tuff, perpetually stuck in that awesome '70s rock and roll groove. You recognize immediately within the first few bars of his music - King Tuff is not from the here and now. King Tuff is the brainchild of Kyle Thomas, the guitarist/vocalist in J. Mascis' stoner rock band Witch, and is/was one of the main members of the band Feathers and Happy Birthday. But his solo stuff is where it's at.

It's a shame there's only one King Tuff album that's ever seen the light of day, because the fuzzy power-pop featured on Was Dead is some of the catchiest shit I've heard in a long time. After downloading (and promptly forgetting about) the album in advance of his show at Mohawk earlier this year, I rediscovered the album about two weeks ago and haven't been able to put it down ever since. Half of the songs have established a permanent residency in my dome.

I've seen no news on future King Tuff releases, but it would be quite an accomplishment to top the debut. If you're late to the game (like me), you can read up on King Tuff at VicelandFuture Sounds, and Tee Pee Records. Here's a snippet of the Victim Of Time review:
"Main musical contributions aside, the picture perfect pop sound King Tuff delivers on this debut LP bowl over his other two projects with ease, and if you're keen on that impossible-to-duplicate shiny early 70s power pop production, coupled with impeccable songwriting, then this is going to win you over before you get through the first few bars of the opening song. Sounding like he's snuck into a bigger-than-necessary recording studio to do his business, King Tuff drives home a full album of modern classics that evoke all the early pop prime movers, yet it still holds its own personality and creates an overwhelming feeling of excitement that's virtually impossible to shake."


Tasteless said...

i'm diggin this one. love the fuzz

TheSnob said...

He's also the main songwriter in Happy Birthday, who just released their debut last year.