Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I've had this band Lumerians on my radar for a little while now. It could be because their name is an interesting one that is not soon forgotten, which could be a reference to co Lemuria, the long-lost sunken continent ruled by primitive mystics. But the band spells it Lumerians, and not Lemurians, witch is perhaps a nod to son et lumiere, the fusion of sound and light that is one of the hallmarks of deep trance and media. The music is interesting to match, an intoxicating brew that is propelled by percussion-heavy tribal rhythms, a stripped-down psychedelic organ, and an element the band likes to call "fuzzed out space disco."

The Oakland-based quintet recently unleashed their debut full length, Transmalinnia, on Knitting Factory Records. Inspired by the transcendental visions of artist and poet Eugene Von Bruenchenchein, the album takes its name from his cosmic fingerpainting that illuminates the cover. It has already been praised by the likes of CMJ, who said the album "thumps with bass line rhythms that ground the tunes while propelling them forward, leaving the grungy guitars, droning vocals and theremin-inspired keyboards free to meander in the higher registers. The end result is a fascinating, and often strange, lunar soundscape."

You can get a look into the heads of Lumerians at Impose Magazine, where the band shares a sampling of the music they were listening to while recording the album. You can see them up close and personal next weekend at Austin Psych Fest.