Thursday, October 13, 2011

Dawes - "Love Is All I Am"

Dawes' first breakthrough single, "Love Is All I Am," off their 2009 debut North Hills demonstrates Taylor Goldsmith's poetic lyricism. His vocals are laced with vulnerability and sincerity. The song presents a pure picture where love isn't a simple commodity, but rather a daunting, exciting, and altogether messy journey we embark on time and time again. Goldsmith knows there's no proven strategy, the best we can do is lay our cards on the table.

Dawes doesn't pretend to have all the answers, but they know the value of adventure and uncertainty. With this year's sophomore release Nothing Is Wrong, this evocative Californian quartet continues to cut to the core with their contemplative lyricism and brotherly harmonies. Their twangy country-folk's authentic vintage feel can only be attributed to the fact that these guys are playing straight from the heart. This is a strong reflection upon the production of Dawes, crafted by brothers Taylor and Griffin Goldsmith who create the core of of the band with vocals, guitar and percussion. Wylie Gelber and Tay Strathaim compliment their foundation with bass and piano respectively and the occasional harmonica, which makes for some soothing mountain jams.

Dawes will be playing at this weekend's UTOPiAfest. Be sure to get your tickets here.