Sunday, December 18, 2011


SerialBox Presents: BALMORHEA

This is a multi-cam, multi-track, live, one-take performance video featuring Balmorhea. No pick-ups, over-dubs, or comps. What you see and hear is one time through, mistakes and all. Directed by Ryan Booth. For the full session with more songs, interview, images, and artwork, visit

Balmorhea is a band that doesn't fit into only one category. They're instrumental, but not post-rock. They're as comfortable playing in the Renaissance cathedrals of Europe as they are in smokey American bars. They're music scales from the personal to the communal. It's meant to be experienced in equal parts solitude and community. Balmorhea has achieved the elusive goal of any artist: finding their "voice." When you describe their music to someone who hasn't heard it before, you don't describe a litany of other bands, you simply say, "you'll have to hear it for yourself." Balmorhea sounds like, well, Balmorhea. 

Balmorhea's next performance in Austin will be on Friday, January 13th at The Parish.