Sunday, December 18, 2011

Bill Baird

A long time ago, Bill Baird was in a band called Sound Team. When that band was done, he began creating and performing under his own name, as well as under the moniker Sunset, which then became Blank Fritz. Under any name, Baird is one of Austin's most prolific songwriters. It seems he is always creating something. There have been five full-length Sunset albums, multiple limited edition tour releases, a seven inch, and a number of Bill Baird solo albums.

I became a card-carrying fan in 2009 when Sunset released a brilliant album called Gold Dissolves to Gray. You can name your own price to download that album, along with most of his back catalog, at You should also check out his web site, and read his blog. It's full of interesting stuff. Here are some excerpts:
--- Hello. My name is Bill Baird and all my stuff resides in Austin, TX but I travel around a lot. Austin feels more like home than most places, what with all the nice, creative people residing there and the nice places to swim and the strong coffee, but it's still smack dab in the middle of Texas, which is a strange place to live for somebody who questions what they're told.
--- I've had all sorts of strange jobs for all varieties of pay. Worked for a moving company in Alaska, drove the kiddie train in Zilker Park, got fired from Texas Monthly for setting the copy machine on fire, valet parked cars at Dave and Buster's for exactly one day, got fired from Domino's Pizza for eating an order (but not before delivering a pizza to Michael Bolton), got fired from Austin's Pizza for attempting to start a recycling program, got fired from a temp job in an accountant's office for calling Creed's music "dogshit," did two stints as a telemarketer (quitting both times in an existential fit), and, most recently, been working at The Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired, working with kids. It's pretty inspiring work.
--- Baby Blue is my recording studio and DIY event space. Here is a recent profile in Made Loud magazine. Baby Blue Studio used to be The Eastside Lounge, the last of the famed Eastside juke joints, a haven for blues and blues lovers and anybody wanting a good time. I try to continue that tradition, although I don't profess to play your standard blues. I definitely feel blue sometimes though. You can read an article about the old Eastside Lounge here.
Listen to some of Bill Baird's latest music below. One of these albums (Career) hasn't even been released yet, but he's already working on a new project called "The Origin of Sound." It will document his journey to India and exploration of the concept Nada Brahma ("the world is sound"). More info on that is here. You can also read some fairly recent press (and more on the trouble keeping track of monikers) at Austin Music Weekly.

Bill Baird - "Your Dark Sunglasses Won't Make You Lou Reed"