Friday, January 06, 2012

Free Week - Austin - 2012

In Austin music scene, the first week of January means it's time for Free Week. For the duration of Free Week (January 1st - 8th), many popular venues in town offer free shows featuring some of Austin’s best (and emerging) local talent. Graham Williams (of Transmission Entertainment & Fun Fun Fun fame) planted the seeds of this now annual tradition in 2003 when he was booking shows for Emo’s. It has expanded by leaps and bunds since then, evidenced by the fact that more than a dozen Austin music venues will participate in Free Week in 2012.

The list of participating venues includes not only the usual joints on Red River - Mohawk, Beerland, Red 7, Stubb’s Club De Ville, Beauty Bar - but also the Parish, 29th Street Ballroom, The ND, Antone’s, Skinny’s Ballroom, The Scoot Inn, Frank, Swan Dive, Flamingo Cantina, Emo’s East, Lamberts, Frock On Vintage, and more.

With the Red River music district undergoing so many changes right now, this may be your last best chance to experience Free Week on Red River. Some venues are moving, others may close. Take advantage while you still can.

Below are a handful of recommended shows for the week. You can check out more show listings at ,, and on the FreeWeekAustin Twitter.

Friday, December 30, 2011
  • Eye In The Sky's Free Week Kick-off with Wild Child, Whiskey Shivers, The Eastern Sea, Shakey Graves, Walker Lukens at Beauty Bar 
  • Bad Sports, Muchos Backflips!, La Snacks, Blind Pets, The Villas at Red 7
  • Monday, January 2, 2012
  • Distance Runner, Reagonometry, The Nouns at ND
  • The Soapbox Spellbinders, The White White Lights, Little Radar, Royal Forest at The Swan Dive
Tuesday, January 3, 2012
  • Coma in Algiers, ST 37, Air Traffic Controllers, Rhett & Dean at Beerland
  • Bike Problems, The Gary, The Midgetmen, The Blistering Speeds, Killdeer at Red 7
  • Crooks, Guns of Navarone, Whiskey Shivers at Mohawk outside
  • Mike & the Moonpies, Frank Smith, The Blind Pets at Mohawk inside
Wednesday, January 4, 2012
  • Fat Tony, Worldwide, Parking at the Mohawk
  • Equals, Oh-Look-Out, Stereo is a Lie, Boyfrndz, Residual Kid at Antones
  • The Zoltars at Beerland with Quin Galavis and David Israel
Thursday, January 5, 2012
  • From The Mind Of Adi presents Hard Proof Afrobeat, Hundred Visions, Smoke and Feathers, Zlam Dunk, East Cameron Folklore, Kay Leotard at Red 7
  • Grand Champeen, A Giant Dog, Elvis, Wes Coleman at Red 7 
  • Maneja Beto, Lemurs, My Education at the Mohawk outside
  • The White White Lights, Black Books at Stubb's
Friday, January 6, 2012
  • OBN III's, Pharoahs, Golden Boys, Church Shoes at Beerland 
  • Attack Formation, Zorch, Equals, Bali Yaaah, Sorne, Multi-Tracker at Club Deville
  • Eagle Claw, Fleshlights, Woodgrain, Not In The Face, Dikes Of Holland, Este Vato at Red 7
  • Phranchyze, Zapata!, The Hour Band at Antones 
  • Smoke and Feathers, Leopold and His Fiction with La Migra, The Wolf at The Parish
  • The Blind Pets, Amplified Heat, Scorpion Child, The Red 100's, Elvis at Hotel Vegas
  • The Wolf, Holy Wave, Christian Bland and the Revelators at 29th Street Ballroom 
  •  Clouds are Ghosts, Missions, The Calm Blue Sea, Octopus Project DJ's at Mohawk
Saturday, January 7, 2012
  • OBN III's, Grape St., A Giant Dog, Ghost Knife, Shivery Shakes at the Mohawk
  • Tia Carrera and more at Red 7
  • Ringo Deathstar, Sundress, The Clouds Are Ghosts, Ishi, My Education, Black Books, Bali Yaaah, Hello Caller, The Venturous at the Beauty Bar
  • Hundred Visions, TV Torso the 29th St. Ballroom 
  • Cowboy and Indian, The Greyhounds, Nakia at Hotel Vegas
  • Fresh Millions, The Frontier Brothers, Marmalakes, Hello Wheels at The Parish

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