Sunday, January 08, 2012

Peaking Lights

I discovered Peaking Lights just recently, upon hearing their remix of a Wooden Shjips song. Peaking Lights is the husband and wife duo of Aaron Coyes and Indra Dunis, recently relocated from the Bay Area to rural Madison, Wisconsin. On the band’s sophomore record, 936, they combine elements of dub, psych, and krautrock - applying some synth, organ, tape loops, guitar, and layered vocal harmonies - resulting in beautifully hipnotic, psychedelic, dub-pop.
In 2006 when Indra and I connected things had done changed. I had just got back from living in New Zealand and Australia for two years and Indra was winding down with working on Numbers recordings (which I was lucky enough to be invited to play organ on). I was playing with my friend Nate in Rahdunes (a heavy death pulse electronic psych zone influenced by world music) Indra sat in on drums one evening when we were practicing, she had never improvised on drums and was a bit nervous with the thought. She always mentions how this was first time – while jamming - that she saw out of her third eye. We recorded a record together. She went on tour with Numbers for a few months and Nate and I went on tour with Rahdunes.

It was after these tours we decided to move from the Bay Area to Wisconsin. It was a winter of no repent that year, the first winter of my life. Indra didn’t mind as much she’s from this frigid northern zone, even though it did break records in the amount of snowfall I don’t think it had the same mental impact, I was fucked. We lived in a basement apartment where I saw a hairy centipede (apparently they exist in Wisconsin). It was a small apartment, I used to try and go outside in my underwear in negative degree weather and see how long I’d last. It wasn’t long. We hadn’t played music for a few months but got asked to play some shows with Rahdunes in Texas. Nate was still in SF, and we couldn’t afford to drive all the way down, we needed to make a few bucks for gas. In case you don’t know America, it’s big. Long drives. We started Peaking Lights to pay for gas on the way down to Texas, Yee Haw! - Aaron Coyes (September 2011)
This film contains an interview with the husband-wife duo (plus newborn baby Mikko) at their Madison, Wisconsin house as well as footage of their first ever 936 show at the Chicago Museum of Modern Art:

Tiger Eyes (Laid Back) by Peaking Lights

Peaking Lights - Marshmellow Yellow / Amazing And Wonderful (Main Attrakionz MAN WORLD remix)