Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Video: Cartright - "Jass Song"

Cartright recently released their first music video, and it's one hell of a trip. The band shot the video for "Jass Song" about 6 months ago with Alex Nguyen at their house in Austin. The original idea was conceived by drummer Nick Cornetti, which then evolved into a swirling, mushroom-induced excursion of the mind. The leading lady role was donated by India Gail (who bartends at Cheer Up Charlies), and front man Ben Russell plays the fellow going out of his mind. Russell is also the mind behind the band’s artwork:

You can get the "Jass Song" 7'' on limited edition red vinyl with a poster print of the cover art at cartrightmusic.com.

If you're unfamiliar with Cartright, here is a summarized band bio:
Ben Russell leads the quintet with a beaten-down acoustic guitar, finger-picked with a rare level of drunk precision, and he shouts his pleas of aggressive reluctance--a man lost in his Southern youth but unafraid to face it--through a sweat-soaked mess of hair and beard. The Cornetti brothers three on bass, piano, and drums, along with lead guitarist Casey, are a pack of howlers and stompers. Together with Lou’s subtle necessity, Nick’s drumstick crescendos, and the rowdy dialects of Joe’s organ they stagger in time with broken rhythms blanketed by sleeves of noise. 
It's easy to see why the young band already draws a cult fanbase; the easiest comparison point is Lucero, as both acts lean toward country-rock with a love for war-torn, cigarette-stained vocals. But where Lucero sticks to a harder, narrower path, Cartright leaves its swinging bar doors open to the acoustic exploration of folk, the erratic tempo changes of post-rock and the passion, the arrangements and the willful repetition that mark the best in the worlds of blues and gospel. 
"Cartright is what pirates and murderers use to lull themselves to sleep." -AVCLUB

"The band’s shows feel more like tent revivals than rock shows, with a healthy quantity of whiskey in place of holy water." -AUSTINIST