Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Woollen Kits

Woollen Kits are a three piece band from Melbourne, Australia. The trio has sprung out of the garage with their self-titled debut album, released via Sydney, Australia's R.I.P Society record label. Its nine primitive, gritty guitar tunes straddle surf pop, proto-punk and garage rock. The album was mastered by Mikey Young, guitarist for Aussie favorites Eddy Current Suppression Ring and member of the garage four-piece Ooga Boogas, whose debut album never leaves my side. Woollen Kits are currently on a tour of the US - see the dates here. They also have some free downloads on bandcamp.

"It must be said: Melbourne trio Woollen Kits seem at first like a scrappy clone of the late, great US trio Beat Happening, who bravely dismantled punk rock until all that was left were rickety, childlike tales of awkward romance and fading youth. Beyond a love of fuzzy distortion and unpolished playing, there’s a handful of similarities between Beat Happening’s Calvin Johnston and Woollen Kits frontman Tom R: that same low, froggy voice; easy rhymes (“You could be the one/Let’s go have some fun”); and songs about climbing trees and visiting lakes." -messandnoise

Two live tracks from their cassette on Fan Death Records:

Woollen Kits - In Between/Teenage Love by Fan Death Records