Monday, January 02, 2012

The Zoltars

Austin trio The Zoltars is led by Jared Leibowich. The band began as a simplistic 2-piece in 2009, and Leibowich made quite a few recordings with a drumme friend named Richard Fetchick. These short, snarky, garage pop songs have an endearing quality that is equally simple, catchy, and a bit odd. It's uncomplicated nature has a charm that sticks with you even after repeated listens.

The Zoltars - "All My Friends"

The band has grown into a trio, now comprised of Leibowich, John Gaglio, and Donald Gallaspy. Their debut, self-titled EP was released this year by Austin vinyl label Sundae Records, and was eventually chosen as one of the best 7 inches of 2011 by Waterloo Records.The first track talks about a stoned trip to Walgreens:

The Zoltars - "Party at the Batcave"

Prior to the 7'', a Zoltars song was included on Gerard Cosloy's second "Casual Victim Pile" compilation, released in February of this year. Their debut LP, Should I Try Once More?, is scheduled to be released in April 2012. Less minimal than their earlier stuff, the album tells the story of someone falling in love again, and every song on the album acts as a scene in the story.

The Zoltars' next show is this Wednesday, January 4th, during Free Week at Beerland with Quin Galavis and David Israel. Keep up with them at and on facebook.

An early collection of Zoltars recordings was the inspiration for this 'visual album' - a short film produced by Jared's brother Alex Leibowich, who is and intern at Bad Robot Productions. The songs here are slower and a bit more serious than the rest.