Tuesday, February 07, 2012

(Beat)en Senseless: Austin Beat Culture

(Beat)en Senseless is a documentary being made about the rapidly growing electronic/beat scene in Austin, Texas. All filmmakers and artists involved in the production are volunteering their time, simply inspired to bring attention to Austin's underground culture. The crew is seeking help to fund the production of the project, and are asking people to donate via Kickstarter:
"The film will focus on three local emerging crews: Exploded Drawing, Applied Pressure, and LNS. We will dive into the personal lives of three particular artists: Butcher Bear, Boombaptist, and Lo-Phi. We want to provide viewers with a heartfelt perspective into the fascinating worlds of these artists and explain why they call Austin home. Through the documentation of live performances, personal interviews, and compelling acts of musical creation, we plan to share the spirit of camaraderie that ignites their sound."