Thursday, February 02, 2012

Hundred Visions

Austin band Hundred Visions is led by singer-guitarist Ben Maddox, with Eric Loftis on drums, Wes Turner on bass, and Johnny Krueger on guitar. The band is three parts Corto Maltese, the Arcade Fire-meets-Wolf Parade inspired band that showed so much promise just a couple of years ago. (See articles in SoundcheckAustinist, Daytrotter.) With a lineup change and a redefined sound that bears comparison to David Bryne starting a garage band with Joy Division, Hundred Visions hit the scene in 2010. In April of 2011 they offered up their debut release in the form of a three-song 7" that features the stellar title track "Last Cab From Tunis." This thing will heat up your feet thanks to a funky rhythm,  sprinklings of cowbell and handclaps, driving guitars, and anthemic vocal shouts. Beware: once the song gets its hooks in you, they can't be dislodged.

The Last Cab From Tunis EP is available on Bandcamp. Check out their Daytrotter session too. They also have a bunch of live video from the fifth installment of their Barnstormer tour that Hundred Visions took part in.
"...songs that are heavy on phat melodies and grooves, songs that - all at once - remind us of the Talking Heads, The Cure, Radiohead and classic British pop. Maddox is a superb front man and he allows himself the luxury of letting his voice go to all of its many peaks and valleys, making the cup runneth over with gooey trajectories and sublime psychedelia that never loses its hold on reality. The songs on the band's debut 7-inch, led with the A-side track of "Last Cab From Tunis," an ace cut that could get a statue moving its tail-feathers around and wagging a tongue and finger..." -

Playing tonight at The ND with Indian Jewelry and Holy Wave:
9:00pm Doors