Monday, February 06, 2012

Rachel Fannan

Rachel Fannan - "Let Me Sing You Love Songs"

Speaking of Sleepy Sun, here is what former co-vocalist Rachel Fannan has been up to. She has not only developed a touring solo repertoire, but also formed an all-girl group called Only You. For the video above, Fannan duos with Brandon Intelligator of Slang Chickens. Fannan self-released her debut album "Deeper Lurking" in 2008 under the moniker Birds Fled From Me and has recorded with several artists including UNKLE, Will Oldham, Jeff Wootton, Slang Chickens, Residual Echoes, Antarctica Takes It, James Rabbit. Most recently she has played a role singing in the super group Anywhere along side Mike Watt, Christian Beaulieu & Cedric Bixler.