Monday, February 06, 2012

Sleepy Sun

San Francisco psych rock powerhouse Sleepy Sun will be releasing their highly anticipated third album - Spine Hits - on April 9th, 2012 via ATP Recordings. The album was recorded in the California desert with producer Dave Catching (ex-guitarist for Queens of Stone Age and Eagles of Death Metal.) Over the past few years this five-piece band has solidified its place among America’s elite neo-psychedelic bands with a powerful live show and a slow-burning brand of music that mixes earth-shaking guitar riffs with a softer, melodic folk underbelly.

Sleepy Sun - "Ooh Boy"

Co-vocalist Rachel Fannan, who was featured on Sleepy Sun's debut album Embrace and the follow-up album Fever, parted ways with the band in 2010. Sleepy Sun went on tour with The Black Angels in 2011, and were one of the featured acts at Austin Psych Fest on 2011. Odds are they will be reunited again at the 5th Annual Austin Psych Fest this April.

"Recorded under the big skies of the California high desert with Queens of Stone Age and Eagles of Death Metal alumnus Dave Catching, the jams on Spine Hits are alternatingly precision whittled and moodily muscular. Matt Holliman and Evan Reiss' guitars adroitly move from steamroller heavy to beachside airy and bouncing to interstellar- tinkering with texture and dynamics like never before. Vocalist Bret Constantino sings with a road-toughened, husky soul yowl and hush that occasionally betrays a society-weary frustration but more often hints at a way out. The rhythm section of drummer Brian Tice and Jack Allen is a super-cohesive, tricky, and tough-as-hell unit that keeps the Sleepy train on track as it teeters, creeps and runs wild across the land." -

Sleepy Sun - Pigs on L

Sleepy Sun - Open Eyes

Sleepy Sun - New Age