Friday, May 18, 2012

Rayon Beach

Rayon Beach was started in 2009 by Thomas Sutherland and Mike Naccarato. Rachel Scherr joined on keyboards and vocals in 2011. They call Austin home. Their debut full length album 'This Looks Serious' set to be released on May 29th via Hozac Records.

'This Looks Serious‘ is the kill shot from Rayon Beach’s vast cannon of hits, and after its blast to the dome settles in, you’re in for a blurry ride through the bad neighborhoods of your mind, and this is one ride you won’t want to end. From the repugnantly reverberating, synth’d-out bass lines to the alien-like vocals draped over the ominously pumping rhythm, like a bloody sheet over an unexplained murder scene, Rayon Beach have planted themselves into their own forbidden garden of nightmarish delights, cultivating a thriving, toxic sound that leaves a hideous film on anything it touches. This LP delivers twelve prime space-junk punk cuts in it’s rawest form, a writhing, undulating, twisted ball of melodic/neurotic damage that will putrefy the pundits and cauterize the cognoscenti into blabbering, useless piles of flesh. -