Monday, June 18, 2012

Video: Hello Wheels

Hello Wheels is a four strong stomp-folk act from Austin, TX. Harmony rich and driving, their songs boast dynamic arrangements, thoughtfully woven into the stories they tell. The result has been called ‘a new sound with an old soul’. In their second year together, the group’s debut EP, Baby John the Fox, was released to a sold out crowd at the Cactus Cafe and contains a KUT featured Song of the Day. Keep an ear to the ground, this sound you won’t want to miss.

“Self-described as a “stomp-folk band,” the group is barely into their second year, but they’ve already nailed down complex, multi-part harmonies. Banjo and acoustic guitar lead the melodic charge, but upright bass, percussion, and bubbling organ round out the driving sound. Baby John is a varied debut, featuring the dirge-like “Gone Away,” the golden country-folk of “Interlude,” and the dreamy “Summer Song.” But it’s the soulful love ballad “A Woman Is A Well” that truly caught our ear.” – KUT