Thursday, July 26, 2012

Lord Buffalo

Lord Buffalo is a dark folk band that combines the talents of friends/blood brothers Patrick J. Patterson (Salesman, Hotel Hotel, Hot Pentecostals) Garrett J. Hellman (Los Jeans, Hot P's), Devin James (Salesman, Hot P’s), D. Jesse (Blood Beard, Hot P's) and Brockett Travis Hamilton (Low Lows). As Lord Buffalo they create expansive, acoustic-led folk songs that come with lots of emotion, reverb, and raspy vocals.

Their music often explodes into trembling yowls, canyon echos, great plains field noise, southern gothic admonitions and psychedelic gray matter. The band's debut EP was just released in April, and you can get it on Bandcamp. You can also check out their Daytrotter Session and dig a little deeper with the KUT interview with songwriter and vocalist Danny Pruitt.


Austin Music Weekly captured them doing a set at Trailer Space Records: