Thursday, August 09, 2012

Austin Leonard Jones

Austin Leonard Jones should have been a household name before now. He's a folk artist based right here in Austin, and has self-released three albums over the past two years. Each album has a cozy, lived-in feel that features a variety instrumentation including Spanish guitar, electric bass, accordion, pump organ, percussion, tin whistles, jaw harps, lap steel, drum loops, and healthy doses of tape echo. The production is deliciously lo-fi, like stumbling upon a great AM pop radio station. Shades of Daniel Johnston and Mark Oliver Everett.

Each of his three albums, Ponderosa, Sundowners, and Superstitions are available for free download at I recommend you try them out the next time you're looking to chill out with some tunes. You can also catch Austin Leonard Jones playing a free show in Austin this Saturday at Hotel Vegas.