Thursday, August 23, 2012

Deep Time

Thanks to the threat of legal action, Austin minimal pop duo Yellow Fever is now Deep Time. It's an upgrade if you ask me. Deep Time. I like that name. The duo - comprised of Jennifer Moore on Organ, electric guitar and vocal microphone, and Adam Jones on drums - have a solid new album out now on Hardly Art. Check out what people are saying about it on the label site:

"Jennifer Moore, once the torchbearer for girl-group legends THE CARROTS is something altogether unusual in the modern age; a singer with those endangered qualities: personality, style, and an arresting delivery. Adam Jones is the jazzy 'batterista,' as musical and dynamic a drummer as you will see on the scene today. Once upon a time, creatures such as these roamed the earth in the dozens; now they are as rare as the barely glimpsed yeti.

BUT! It's not just their personality that recommends them. It's the tunes, mate. Just listen to the new-wave polka-soul-serenading madness of "Gold Rush," the toe-tapping Italo-mutation of "Sgt Sierra," the easy-listening doom-incantation of "Gilligan" … every song on the record is a bon-a-fide catastrophe for the forces of predictability and boredom."

Deep Time will be far, far away on tour starting next month, but you can catch them in Austin tomorrow night at the Mohawk (indoor) along with Hidden Ritual and Blackgum.