Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Sword eat with Anthony Bourdain

The Sword will appear Monday, September 3rd on the season premiere of Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations-The Final Tour. The show was shot in March in Austin during SXSW. First Tony grabs a drink with The Sword at their favorite local bar, The Draught House. They then take him to Quality Seafood Market for some fish tacos, fried catfish, and oysters – all with the band’s brand-name hot sauce.

Creator of the sauce, Brian Rush, says the following, “They wanted something hot, but with a good flavor. I already make a really hot red habanero sauce (August in Austin), so it was just a matter of taking that over the top. I added the infamous Ghost Chile, the hottest pepper in the world along with some extra spice to give it another dimension of zing. This is an other-worldly sauce with both flavor and heat, named after a killer song for one of the best bands Austin has to offer.”

Apocryphon, The Sword’s fourth album, will be released on October 22nd.