Monday, September 03, 2012

The Hanna Barbarians

The Hanna Barbarians one of the many kick ass bands playing at Psychedelic Light & Sound this Friday. They're a low down and dirty bunch of Southern rockers from Fort Worth who released their debut album, Syzgy, in April 2011. It's quite good. The album was nominated for Best Rock album of 2011 by the Fort Worth Weekly, and the Barbarians were nominated as the Best Live Act in town.

Their powerful stage performance has made them one of the most popular live acts in the Dallas/ Fort Worth area and helped earn them 2012′s Rock Band of the Year award by the Fort Worth Weekly. The Hanna Barbarians consists of lead singer Blake Parish, guitarists Raef Payne, Alex Zobel and Kristopher Luther, bassist Chris Evans and drummer Tyler Fleming. Shake to their groove thang: