Friday, September 07, 2012

Video: The Angel Babies - "Tone Deaf"

The Angel Babies expose their roots in the new video for “Tone Deaf”, the first release off their new album. Front man Frankie Medina has been making music in Austin, Texas for nearly a decade, but takes a journey back to his home state of New Mexico for a haunting backdrop. 

The rich culture of New Mexico is front and center as the band rocks through Albuquerque to Santa Fe and beyond. The video comes shortly after the recent release (8/18/2012) of their first self titled, full-length album released on their own imprint Española Recording Company. Directed & Edited by Calida Salazar.


Tony Hymes said...

very cool track, never heard of them before! I bookmarked them to my whyd stream:

Gavin said...

nice lofi video and good track!