Monday, May 20, 2013

Hard Proof

Our friends Hard Proof Afrobeat just released two new songs on a fresh new 45. It will only cost you $5 to buy a copy of your very own, and if you do, your grand kids will thank you some day. Imagine little Timmy Jr. Jr. stumbling across this dusty record 50 years from now and having his mind blown and body shook up by these funky ass rhythms. They'll be all like, damn, grandpa was a cool mofo.
Via Kept Records:
"Sub-Saharan sounds are fused with jazz and deep funk to produce two intense, dance-demanding rhythmic cuts on this fresh 45. The a-side is clear genre busting fusion of flavors: it's an afro beat-down with brass bounce; it's an instrumental funk cut with jazz jump and cadenced kicks. It's big like a dragon, it's bad like a dragon, it is Dragon, and it's going set fire to dance floors with global intent. On the flipside cut, Tere, the burn is brought to a simmer, with the organ leading the track and bringing things to a swell as the horns hover on the surface of another straight-up burning instrumental."

Locally produced and internationally-inspired, Hard Proof is an Austin-based collective that brings intense Afrobeats to the state of Texas. Hard Proof tightly fuses sounds from sub-Saharan Africa with adventurous jazz and deep funk to stimulate your brain and move your feet. Members of Hard Proof also perform with bands such as Black Joe Lewis and the Honeybears, Ocote Soul Sounds, Echocentrics, The Calm Blue Sea and Cougar.