Thursday, May 30, 2013

Roger Sellers

I love this guy. The first time I saw Roger Sellers perform was during Free Week back in January of this year. I stumbled upon his set at the Mohawk and it ended up being one of the best things I saw during Free Week 2013. Lots of sound and lights and emotion. We invited him to play our SXSW party, Strange Brew II, which only solidified in my mind that this guy is one of a kind. I'm happy to announce that he will be joining us at the Red White & Blue Ball on Saturday, March 29. I'll post more details about that very soon.
Roger's bio:
The artistic style of Roger Sellers is widely accessible. Imagine folk-dance-americana-electric-symphonic fusion, where Philip Glass, Sufjan Stevens, and Joanna Newson all groove to late night ambient house music in George Martin’s livingroom.

Roger Sellers paints vivid aural landscapes where his multiple-layered instrumentation pierces through the terrain like musicological formations, as they compile higher and higher. Compelled by the splendor projected, you, the listener climbs to the top of Roger’s finely crafted mountain, where you are met by the enlightened composer. Just as you catch your breath, Roger takes your hand and shows you his panoramic view; at that moment you absorb the deepest beauty that inherently waits within Roger Sellers’ profound concept.

Instruments are easy in his hands, and he literally plays them all. Guitar, banjo, mandolin, bass, bells, organ, piano, drums. From one-man acts, to a full band, Roger Sellers’ live performances sweep his audiences clean from external focus- until the attention is solely paid to him. Similarly, in the studio, Sellers plays the engineer, producer, director, composer, and lyricist.