Monday, July 08, 2013

Bill Baird - Spring Break of the Soul

Via Pau Wau Records:

Known and revered for his twisted humor, eccentric pop melodies, and ramshackle analog flair, Baird typically chooses to produce his records as fast and loose as possible to optimize creative results. March 2013, however sees the arrival of a new chapter in Baird's deep discography, an album two full years in the making called SPRING BREAK OF THE SOUL, to be released on a new label - Austin's buzzed-about Pau Wau Records.

Q: So, what happens when one of America's most prolific DIY songmen spends an entire two years on one album?


SPRING BREAK OF THE SOUL is nothing short of a full-on, multimedia art project. First, musically, Baird's ever-teeming brain spills forth 17 new songs captured on analog tape and spread across two records. As usual, each is a genuine avant-pop nugget that evokes the untouchable sounds of Syd Barrett, Van Dyke Parks, Harry Nilsson, Ray Davies, Captain Beefheart, and Robyn Hitchcock. Secondly, Baird immerses you in the world of his new album, a 32-page book with all manner of visual aides (photos, posters, extra artwork), as well as full-color sheet music. There's even a copy of an unrealized movie script penned by Baird included. It's a lot of stuff even from an artist known for giving listeners a lot. Oh, and Bill does a wonderful Christopher Cross cover.